Triple Laser Diode GS2WL

Triple Diode Laser GS2WL have a unique Pulse Control technology, incluiding IN-Motion hair removal mode and also the tradicional hair removal mode.

Triple Diode Laser GS2WL have 10 Treatment Levels available in each mode. Triple Diode Laser GS2WL is the first hair removal device that combines 3 independent hair removal lasers for deeper penetration into the dermes where the hair folicule is located.

The tree independent lasers will work togheter to achive better results in all kind of skin and hair. Working with in motion mode, the device is passed over the tissue 6 times (in motion) using low energy with a high rate of repetition (5 to 10 Hz). Tissue is heated by tree independent lasers, over a longer period of time to a comfortable temperature of 45° Celsius. Woking with tradicional  mode, GS2WL will apply  a sinlge pulse, to delivery a heating energy selectively to the follicle.

GS2WL cooling system will prevent superficial heating enjury. The 3 Hair removel Lasers will delivery energy down to the follicles which produce hair growth, preventing is further growth.

  • Laser Type: Diode Laser
  • Wavelength: 810 nm / 650nm
  • Cooling Method: air + water + semicondutor
  • Spot size: 9*11 mm
  • Laser Trigger: Finger Trigger
  • Display touch screen active area: 155mm x 90 mm
  • Speaker : 4 ohm , 3 W
  • Inputpower: 660 w (AC220V /10 A, AC110V/20A)
  • In Motion Mode energy density : 6 ~ 15 J/cm2
  • In motion mode pulse with: 40 ~ 55 ms
  • HR Mode energy density : 8~ 50 J/cm2
  • HR Mode mode pulse with: 50 ~ 350 ms
  • Dimensions (Portable) : 42x52x31cm
  • Weight (Portable) : 21 Kgs