GSlim i4 Pro

GSLIM i4 GS1 are an European Aesthetic device designed by Gspeed Technologies for Bodyshapping.

GSLIM i4 is a breakthrough, integrated cellulite and body shaping system synergistically utilizing Bipolar RF, LED, Infra Red , Vacuum automatic roller to increase metabolism in localized fat area.

GSLIM i4 comfortably achieves a toned, contoured and well bodyshapping through a safe, nonsurgical painless treatment. Radiofrequency promotes the metabolic process in local fat areas by heating the adipose tissue to a depth of 5 -10 mm and effectively treats cellulite. Vacuum increases blood circulation and evens out the skin to optimize efficient energy delivery. Vaccum Roller facilitates lymphatic drainage and reshapes the body smoother.

GS1 Dermo 4,have 5 pulse modes and 3 vaccum levels. LED + INFRA RED emits specific wavelength of light (630 nm) which liquefies the fat to remove the fat easier. Significantly reduces the size of fat cells.

  • Power: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Body Handpiece: 1
  • Vaccum : 5 modes Pulsed
  • Radiofrequency Frequency: 2 Mhz
  • Radiofrequency: Bi-Polar
  • Tower Dimensions : 51x35x101cm
  • Dimensions (Portable) : 42x52x31cm
  • Weight (Portable) : 19 Kgs