Diode Laser GS2 2000W

GS2 Diode Laser Hair Removal System is intended for hair removal, permanent hair reduction on skin types (Fitzpatrick skin type I-V).

With GS2 2Kw Diode Laser device for Hair Removal,is passed over the tissue 1 time using high energy.

GS2 2000W Diode Laser have automatic cooling system, that allow the operator work for long period of time.

GS2 Diodo Laser uses patented technology that guarantees maximum efficiency in each treatment

The processor will examine the system automatically and continuously during the entire treatment procedure.

GS2 Diode Laser have a unique software, offering 10 different pulse configurations in one system.

  • Laser Type : Diode
  • Comprimento onda:  810nm
  • Cooling Method: air + water + semicondutor
  • Spot size: 9*11 mm
  • Laser Trigger: Finger Trigger
  • Display touch screen active area: 185mm x 145 mm
  • Speaker : 4 ohm , 3 W
  • Laser module output: 2000w
  • Máx. Energy:  40  J/cm2
  • Pulse With: 25 ~ 100 ms
  • Dimensiones: 48x33x22cm
  • Weight: ( 19 Kgs ~26 Kgs)